ivyVILOs are helpful videos that are designed to efficiently teach concepts for subjects which you are interested in learning.

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What are ivyVILOs?

Ivy Tech's Video Interactive Learning Objects (ivyVILOs) are a growing library of contemporary instructional assets available worldwide. They are concise multimedia vignettes that address specific learning objectives. They have been proven to reinforce subjects, challenging concepts, and skills through repetition, interactivity, and an eye-catching approach to content delivery.

"The immediacy of having ivyVILOs available 24/7 is a huge asset to students and faculty alike. We live in a world of impatience and immediacy and have the potential to meet student and faculty needs continually through the use of streaming ivyVILOs."
- Jewel Diller, Dean, School of Nursing

24/7 delivery:
- SecondLife Stream
- Web stream
- Screen cast
- TV Broadcast
- Direct Download
- Portable Media Playback

Examples of ivyVILOs:
- Demonstrating the appropriate method for cleaning hands or removing gloves.
- Showing proper technique for sterilizing glassware.
- Setting up and calibrating a vertical mill in the manufacturing area.