ivyVILOs are helpful videos that are designed to efficiently teach concepts for subjects which you are interested in learning.

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Adobe Flash is no longer supported by the manufacturer after December 2020. Content on this website making use of Flash will be updated or removed.

Technical Issues?

Please look through our checklist and contact us if you are have unresolved issues, so that we can do our very best to make them work for you.


Having Trouble Viewing ivyVILOs?

We want you to be able to take full advantage of all that ivyVILOs have to offer and we do our best to make sure things keep running smoothly. However, there may be times when you experience performance issues. There are many variables that can affect your viewing experience such as system connection speed, computer processor speed, available memory, web browser, and plug-ins just to name a few.

We would like to offer you a few tips to make your ivyVILOs viewing experience enjoyable and productive.


First, make sure that your web browser and operating system are up-to-date.

What browser to use?

You may experience different performance levels depending on which web browser you use. If you are experiencing slow loading times or other issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer you may want to try installing Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome

Multiple tabs, toolbars, and extensions

If you have multiple tabs open at once in your web browser, closing some of them may help to improve performance.

If your web browser has a lot of add-on toolbars at the top you may want to turn those off by right-clicking on the bar and selecting "exit" or "close".

If your browser has a lot of extensions active, you may wish to disable some of them, as they may consume system resources and increase load time. In Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions. Select the extension you wish to disable, and click the "Disable" button. You can always reenable these extensions at a later time.


Try using the refresh/reload button on your browser.

Web servers and browsers use caching to increase performance. This is excellent for pages that are infrequently changed. By using your browser's refresh function, you force the server to generate a fresh version of the page, and also load a fresh version of the page into your web browser. This ensures that you are viewing the current version of the page.


Let the ivyVILOs video load and play for a few seconds. If it is stuttering, click on the pause button, wait a few seconds, then, pull the play head back to the left toward the beginning and hit play again. This will play the video that has already been downloaded and buffered to your computer. Most online videos play smoother the second time through because of this.

If you have a slower connection, you are often better off hitting pause at the beginning, and then waiting for the entire video to be preloaded. You can confirm this by watching the green bar slowly fill the timeline. Once it fills up entirely, start the video.

Download the ivyVILO directly to your computer or iPod

If you are still having trouble playing the videos through your browser, you may want to download the individual ivyVILO directly to your computer. This may take longer initially but it should allow you to play it over and over again once the download is complete. You can return to and play that file even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Each ivyVILO listing has a link in the right-hand column that says "Download". Right-clicking on this link, and selecting "Save link as..." will allow you to save the file to your hard drive on your computer. Make sure you note where the file is being saved to i.e. "Desktop".

You may need to download additional software in order to play the file such as Apple Quicktime or VLC Media Player.

Several ivyVILOs also have links for downloading an iPod compatible file. These files are compatible with many other portable media players and even cellphones as well.

Problems with specific ivyVILOs

If you are having a problem with a specific ivyVILO please contact us and let us know the name of the one which is not working properly.

Wired vs Wireless Connection

Wired Internet connections are typically faster and more reliable than wireless connections. We have recently been made aware that some users are experiencing problems viewing ivyVILOs over a wireless network. We are working to determine the cause and solution to this problem.

Need more help?

If you are still experiencing problems please contact us with the details of your system you are using so we may help you and others who may be experiencing similar problems.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • MAC or PC?
  • Operating System : i.e. Windows 7, XP etc.
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
  • Internet connection: Broadband/Cable/FIOS, DSL, Dial-up
  • Wired or Wireless Connection
  • Location: i.e. ivyVILOs, on-campus