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Healthcare Provider

Charlene Mantock

Recently, all the CNA Vilos were removed from the Internet because they no longer follow the 2014 ISDH Nurse Aide Curriculum and RCP's. However, NEW videos that follow the ISDH guidelines have been developed. The videos are accessible through an access code for a subscription period of time.

You can purchase these through customerservice@LADCustomPub.com or by calling 1-877-318-8800. Students can purchase these for an 8 week or 18 week subscription. Training programs can purchase these for a one year subscription period. After the one year, a new access code will need to be purchased. This allows changes to be made to the videos without you needing to purchase a whole new set of videos.

I would appreciate your feedback to both the IvyVilos and the new CNA Videos. If I can help you in any way, please contact me at 260-413-5220.

Thanks so much for your interest.

Charlene Mantock